Friday, 20 November 2009

39 ~ The one where it was two years ago

"We don’t always get to choose which obstacles we face in life, but from the moment we were given free will it has always been our choice in how we deal with them."

Well well well, today is 2 years since I was diagnosed. How on earth did that happen? It feels like it was forever ago really, I can't remember what was said to me or anything when I was told I had cancer but I know a lot of things changed in an instant!

2 years!! I honestly can't believe it's been that long. Every anniversary is a milestone for me so I am very happy that I have made it this many years since diagnosis. My consultant told me that the chances of the cancer coming back gets less and less as the years go by.
So here's to 2 years down...and the REST of them to go! lol.

I had my 8 weekly check up last week. It went ok, I had a dream (or rather a nightmare) a couple of nights before my appointment so I was quite nervous this time. Which is unusual for me.
I have had a bit of trouble with my swallowing lately, when I was having radiotherapy I was lucky because I could still eat the whole way through (hence putting 500 stone on!), it did seem a bit harder to swallow food, but only with things like bread. I can still swallow, but sometimes it feels like food is getting stuck and I have to swallow a few more times to get it down.
I've also been getting ear pain too, which I got before I was diagnosed so I mentioned that as well as the swallowing thing.

Had a look at my vocal cords and thank goodness they were looking ok.

I have had really bad acid reflux since having radiotherapy and lately it's got a lot worse. To the point where I can't lay flat and if I drink too fast I get hiccups, or it comes straight back up (gross, I know) - It's not very nice. If I drink I can feel it going all the way down and if it's cold, it feels freezing, if it's hot, it feels REALLY hot and it burns.
I thought that it was related to the treatment but Mr Pace said it isn't. Soo, I have to go for a gastroscopy to see what's going on there. I am pretty much dreading it! I just really hope that the sedation works this time because last time (when I had my PEG put in my stomach) it didn't and it was quite a traumatic experience for me. Not to scare everyone because I'm pretty sure that MOST of the time it does work, just not for

Mr Pace mentioned that he was thinking of sending me for a barium swallow test but he said that they might be able to see what's going on when they do the gastroscopy. So I guess we'll see how that goes! I'm thinking it'll probably be after Christmas.

Oh, I got some sad news. Well it's not really sad, but just for me lol. Dr Tahir (my oncologist) is no longer working with the ENT cancers so I wont see him again. Which is good if you really think about it, haha.
But, I will miss him, I actually haven't seen him for ages but was hoping that one day I'd see him at one of my appointments. Booooooo.

I had my 'first' haircut a couple of weeks ago (or maybe a month, I can't remember!) - I got fed up of it having no style so had it chopped. Well, not really chopped because I didn't want it too short lol.
I'm pretty happy with the length now and I don't think I'll let it grow to how long it was before it fell out. It's still darker than what it was pre chemo and if I don't straighten it, it's curly where as before it was dead straight.

Anyway, so much for not writing in my blog anymore eh?! I guess I will do every now and then!

On to my Nan - she had a hysterectomy two weeks ago and yesterday went back to see her surgeon. They got ALL of the cancer and she doesn't need any further treatment. Thank God. I am so relieved for her, she is really happy too.

Hayley & Nan - 2 : Cancer - 0!!

Okey doke, I'm off now. Apologies for the long blog post (as usual.)

Thanks everyone for your support and lovely comments. Stay in touch!


Monday, 12 October 2009

38 ~ The one where Hayley updated

In time of test, family is best. ~Burmese Proverb

Last week my Nan was diagnosed with cancer (of the womb).

We knew that it was a possibility, but I was quite shocked when it was definite and I still don't think it's really sunk in!
She has to have an MRI scan on Sunday and a hysterectomy sometime within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, that's all the treatment that will be required - they wont know the staging/grading until her scan and op, but they think they may have caught it early and I really hope that that's the case.

It's all a bit weird, when my Nan had an operation a couple of weeks ago - it was in the same Hospital, same ward...and same bed. Maybe that bed is jinxed? Maybe it's a good job that Hospital is being knocked down soon!!
Also, I was reading through my Nan's information the other day, turned the page and it said 'Oncologist: Dr Tahir'. Now we have the same oncologist! I am sure you all know how much I love him, so I am glad that he'll be taking care of my Nan. She has met him before (when I was having treatment) and she thought he was nice so I hope that makes her feel a bit better.

My Nan is amazing, she's like my friend as well as the worlds best Grandmother. She is a very strong person and I do believe that she can get through this.
I am sure she would really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.

* Me and my Nan. 12th October 2009.

It's almost 2 years since I had the operation to remove the polyp from my vocal chord. 2 years!! That's crazy. That means that cancer has been in my life for 2 years now, I was finally starting to not think about it every day and now my Nan has it which is crap...but c'est la vie! Just another bump in the road and hopefully once my Nan beats this, cancer will get the picture and stay away!!!!!! lol.

Things on my part are good, voice is good(ish), checks ups are good, hair is's all good lol.

I hope everyone is well.


Friday, 21 August 2009

37 ~ The one where it was a special day

Ello ello ello, long time no blog post!

I just wanted to quickly write in here as today is a special day...I have officially been in remission for ONE YEAR!!!!!! Wohooo!!

Can't believe it's been a year already, it feels like it was only yesterday but then at the same time it feels like it was forever ago. Very strange.

I am 20 now! Also, I was diagnosed 1 year, 9 months and 1 day ago!

Things are going really well, my check ups are every 8 weeks and so far everything has been good. I no longer see my oncologist, Dr Tahir (boo hoo) but I guess that's a good sign!
My consultant (Mr Pace) just checks my neck and puts the camera up my nose and down my throat every time I go. My appointments only take 10 minutes now!
My next check up is on the 3rd September.

I have a 24 hour ECG arranged for the 10th September (I think) to check to see if my heart was damaged by the chemo. I do get some irregular beats sometimes but I don't know if it's because of the chemo, my Doctor just wants to check anyway so we'll see how that goes.

My immune system is still a bit rubbish, I seem to get all of the bugs/colds these days! But I can deal with that :) I also feel tired more than I used to (before cancer)...but I will take tiredness and bugs over cancer any day!! lol

My hair is quite long now (see pic, it was taken last Sunday) and the burns on my neck are barely noticeable. Still have a few funny tan lines! Sometimes they're not noticeable at all but it depends on what colour top I wear, lol.
I've lost a bit of weight (thank goodness!!!!!!), I know I've lost 20lbs since March this year but since I finished treatment I'm guessing it's more than that.

My voice is doing alright, I still can't shout or sing but that doesn't matter. If I ever have kids they'll think they're so lucky that their Mum can't shout at them! lol.
I have a speech therapy appointment for next week as I've been having a bit of trouble saying words like taxi, Pete. etc - especially when I'm outside. I can't seem to get the power behind my voice to say the first part of words like that. I guess I'll get given some exercises to do and I'll just have to keep practicing!

I think that's all I have to say really - it has been really weird writing in here. I have missed it actually.

*Edited to add*
Just a quick request, I have been asked by my friend Jason to ask you all for some positive vibes/prayers for his friend Scott, Scott's wife Joanne and their Daughter, Maisy. They are going through a tough time right now (with this stupid disease). Thank you.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

36 ~ The one where Hayley said goodbye

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately and I have come to the decision that I am going to stop writing. I will still keep this blog online so people can read through it, I hope that people gain something from reading it (whether it be answers to questions, reassurance. etc) and I am always here for people who have questions or anything, just comment or email me.

I don't really have anything to say anymore, my check ups have now been moved to every 8 weeks and everything is going fine...

I have met some amazing people through this blog and I have also made some great friends - who knows where I would be without all the supportive words I've been given. I really can't thank you enough, I still go back and read through my comments and am just amazed at how nice you all are.

I will still check my blog for comments but this will be my last blog post. Like I said, you can still leave me comments or email me ( and I will most probably reply. I would love to hear from anyone who has followed my journey, or anyone who is new to it, anyone who want to share their journey, ask questions...whatever. I just like hearing from people.

Thank you again to those who have left me comments and just been there for me, I really really do appreciate everything you have done. You are all wonderful and I wish you all the best.