Thursday, 20 November 2008

34 ~ The one where it was a year ago

Check out all that hair!! It needs cutting so I have decided it's time to ring Trevor Sorbie back...I don't want it cut, but I know it needs it as I'm looking kind of silly now.

So, today is exactly 1 year since I was diagnosed. How crazy is that? It feels as though it was yesterday, but it also feels as it was forever ago. It's a weird feeling. It's amazing how much things have changed in just one year.

This time last year I had long hair and I wasn't as fat but it's ok. That's a small price to pay. This time last year I had NO voice. This year I do. Which is great. This time last year I had cancer, this year I don't. Which is the best feeling ever!!

Today I had my 6 weekly check up at the Hospital, same appointment time, same room...eek! But it was ok. I felt alright about it because I think now I wont just think of today as 'the day I was diagnosed', I can think of it as 'the day where I got good news' too. Me and Mum arrived at the Hospital on time...the waiting room was PACKED. So we had a loooooooong wait ahead of us.

After I while I got called in to be weighed, always dread this part. I have lost weight. YAY! 6lbs. Which isn't GREAT but it's better than nothing I guess. That means I've probably lost a stone since I finished treatment. I could do better, but it's a start.
When I walking back in to the waiting room I said "Wohoo! I've lost 6lbs!" to my Mum and then the lady sitting next to her said "Hayley?" and I was like..."yes?" Turns out...I have been emailing this woman since I was having radiotherapy! It was so weird. Louise is lovely though and we emailed each other earlier this year and recently too. She said she felt like she had met a star because she's heard me on the radio and seen me in the paper! LOL. We chatted for a while which was lovely then I got called in for my check up.

I walked in to an audience again. I'm getting used to it now, I think today there was a total of 8 or 9!! I know everyone though so it's alright. I had a chat with Mr Pace and he asked how my throat was feeling and if I'm getting any pain...I do get sore throats quite a bit but he said that's alright and it's just down to what my throat has been through. He felt my neck and everything was ok there....then my favourite man in the world walked in! Haha. My oncologist...he said he only came in to tug my hair LOL. I really do love him. He said that I looked well (aka fat) and said that my 'bow tie' isn't as noticeable now. Mr Pace disagreed and said it's the butterfly effect, not the bow tie! (They mean the tan marks I have from treatment)
I got asked how my voice is, I told them it has good and bad days and it goes if I talk too much. Mr Pace said the only way I could prevent that was to stop talking and I just said "Yeah right, I spent long enough with no voice!!" Everyone said my voice is sounding brilliant and Mr Pace said it's not as 'breathy' as last time. Everyone was really impressed actually.

My favourite part (not!) of the appointment arrived. The lovely camera, Mr Pace asked if I wanted to see...I said no thanks, I don't know why but I just find it weird looking at my own vocal chords...I wasn't completely numb this time so it hurt a bit when it was going in. I got asked to say 'EEEEE' and all I heard was "Ooooh, wooow" - Dr Tahir said my vocal chords look 'beautiful'!! Now that's a compliment lol. The camera wasn't down there for too long this time which I was very glad about because the whole time it's down there I get the urge to swallow and I don't want to do that. It hurt when it came out!!

They said they were really pleased with them and my vocal chords are almost closing together properly. I don't know if they'll ever completely close but I'm happy with how they are doing.

Dr Tahir said I can have an 8 week gap because of 'good behaviour' but he actually means that because Christmas and New Year is coming up. My next appointment is 15th November. I go back to St John's and I really hope that I get to see Dr Tahir again lol.

I think that's all I have to update about health wise.

Oh no, quickly! I am now taking something for acid reflux which is really helping and I think it's making my voice a bit more reliable too. I also got my blood results back and I am slightly anaemic so I am on iron supplements. I do still feel tired quite a bit but it is improving a lot. more thing...I am in the Braintree and Witham times this week. I wrote my own piece for it too so I think everyone who lives in the area should go and buy it. I'm on the frontpage too. Oh...and when you get to the actual article...ignore the minging picture.

Back to work/college soon. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Got to do it though.

Wouldn't it be great if I could win the lottery?????

Bye for now,


  1. I'm so glad eveything went well for you! Doin my happy dance for you. LOL

  2. Hayleypie,
    Don't you mean 15th January not the 15th November? Lmao. <3

    I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, i mean, not quickly quick, but it only felt like yesterday you updated on bloop and said about your cancer.
    You've come so far, you should be sooo proud of yourself because i know i am! *cuddles you*

    I'm really glad everything went well at the appointment.
    Are you taking Omeprazole by any chance (for your acid reflux)? I'm taking it as some of my meds give me really bad heartburn! It's really good!

    I bet you'll find when you have your haircut it will grow even more quicker, when you get split ends (happens no matter what you do!) your hair grows slower, so when you get them cut off it will all be fresh and new, so your hair will grow 10 times quicker!! I find that when i get my haircut!
    I learnt too much from my sister in law lol.

    I just realised this is like the only time i've commented on here..well, not the only time but the first time in like AGGGGES!

    I can definatly notice you've lost weight! I think you're beautiful whatever you look like anyway (especially as i'm bigger than you so pffft!) but i know how horrid steroids are (i've been on them for years for my asthma) and make you feel horrid.
    But losing weight in short amounts is the best thing to do anyway, you keep it off!
    But as i said, i think you look beautiful whatever! But i thought i'd compliment on it as i know it's a nice boost to your confidence when someone notices!!

    Anyway i've rambled enough!
    Love you squillions babe,
    Laz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. SO glad to hear everything is going well! Congrats on one year post treatment!

  4. Fantastic news Hayley! Am sooo pleased for you.

    Did you see that I had a little win on the lottery...?


  5. Your hair is growing at a rate of knots Hayls, wow! Trevor will have loads to work with...Lucky moo, enjoy your day being pampered by a top stylist, how cool is that!! Make sure they give you champagne too hehe.
    I'm so glad your appointment went well, thanks for letting me know :o) Those texts are always fab to receive! Now is the time to enjoy Christmas, have the best one EVER and look forward to the new year and a bright and happy future.
    Love and cuddles xxx

  6. Hi Hayley, just wanted to tell you how very Happy we are that you have recovered so well, Congratulations on beating the cancer, you truly deserve all the happiness in the world, you have done so great in the past year,
    Best of luck in whatever you wish to do.

  7. Hi Hayley!

    Great to hear your news!

    stay well and make sure you behave ( ha ha!!) and don't overdo that talking!

    Pop over to my blog and say hello or email me sometime! I am not too great at the moment so spend a lot of time in here online etc!

    great to hear your news though


  8. Whenever I see my ENT I always get the parade of residents that come through and look in my mouth because my ENT is also a professor and heads the resident program. Glad to see you are doing well and yay for needing hair cuts! I went and got one the other day and I'm hoping the next time I go that the underside will be long enough to trim (I lost it from radiation but only the hair in the field of radiation)! And after my blog post about not getting any comments I got quite a few "sympathy comments." Ha. I guess I made them all feel bad! I'm heading back to work soon also...but lucky for me, I'm done with school!!!!!! What are you studying?

  9. am so happy to hear that good news! keep kickin' gurl!

  10. Hi ya brave gilrlie,saying hello and well done have sent you email today,take a peek cos its "bouncing" back,and you dont get rid of me that easy, ha ha

  11. Hayley, there's something for you on my blog. For your mum too!


  12. ((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))I am glad everything is going good for you.By the wayI do Christmas cards,if you would like one,let me know,we could swap address.Have a nice weekend.