Thursday, 2 October 2008

32 ~ The one where Hayley had a bit of swelling!

(Horrible picture but I've been sitting here for about 1/2 an hour trying to get a decent one but it wasn't happening. So this will have to do!)

Hi everyone,

Today I had my 6 weekly check up. My appointment was at 9am so we had to leave at 8 because of work traffic. I was falling asleep in the car because I was so tired!

We had to wait a while because there was a meeting going on, I got to see Jean (who I saw quite a lot when I was having radiotherapy, she helped me with the Macmillan stuff!) which was nice. The last time I saw her was in April!! She was amazed at all my hair, everybody is, haha.

I got weighed, I dread this every time I go there - anyway, I went through and I got weighed. Wasn't impressed...but I asked what I was last time and I have lost 7lbs. Which is better than nothing I suppose. I still need to lose a lot of weight, I'll get to that later though!

After waiting longer, I got called in. Mr Pace was in there with the student doctor, Jean, the Dietitian and then the Nurse. When I walked in Mr Pace said "I'm sorry to hear that your hero isn't here today!" Lol. He means Dr Tahir...I wish he was there because I love him...but you should know that because I always talk about him. He should be there next time though. I hope so.

Mr Pace asked if I wanted to look down there while he was looking, I said I wasn't bothered!! But I know that my Mum would want to see so everyone looked by me. He put the spray up my nose (to numb it) and I thought I was going to throw up. It usually tastes horrible but not this bad, I actually thought I was going to puke!! Luckily, I didn't.
Then it (eventually) went numb and he put the camera in there to have a look. His face looked a bit confused/worried so I was staring at it waiting for a reaction and I was really scared! He was just going "hmm" and I was thinking 'Oh God, what's he found?!' lol. Then he came away and said "There's some swelling down there but it might be from straining to use your voice. We'll keep an eye on it." - so that's that! He said to just book an appointment for another 6 weeks time as usual so I guess he's not that concerned...

Guess when my next appointment is? 20th November at 11:40am. Guess what happened at that exact time a year ago?!?! I got diagnosed. How strange is that?!?! I also saw my surgeon who removed my polyp and found my cancer...I don't think she recognised me though. I haven't seen her since she told me I had cancer.

Erm...then we went to see the Dietitian. She just asked me what I eat and said that it sounds fine and that I basically just need to get in to a routine and eat breakfast. She sent me for a blood test to check my iron levels. etc and said that once she'd got the results (should be today or tomorrow) she'll send me some information on vegetarian diets. etc in the post.
We were also talking about me stuffing my face before radiotherapy started (because I thought I wouldn't be able to eat) and the Dietitian laughed and said that I really was one of the very few that was able to eat through the treatment!

While we were in there Adele (my 'cancer nurse') came in and said hi. I haven't seen her for a while either, the last time was when she removed my PEG back in May!!

When she ran in to Mr Pace to get him to fill out a blood test form, she came back in to the waiting room and said that he wants to check my thyroid again as the CT scan I had in August has shown that my thyroid was hit by the radiotherapy too.

So, I went off for my blood test. The woman was VERY quick. Like, I literally went in there and 2 minutes later I was out. She wasn't very chatty either, lol. As we were driving out of the Hospital we noticed her standing out the front having a cigarette so I guess I was the last one before her fag break!

So yes, my appointment went OK. I forgot to mention my painful armpits (again) - I'll just keep checking them for lumps.

I have been very busy lately, last Monday I went away to Bournemouth with the Youth Cancer was GREAT and I made some great new friends. I've been invited back so I think I'm going to go again next Summer so we'll have nicer weather and will be able to swim.

I got back from the Holiday last Friday and on Saturday morning I went to stay at my Auntie's and got back last night. And now I am just in the middle of packing as I'm going to stay with my friend at her University until Sunday! It's great that I'm doing so much but I'm blimmin' knackered. Not used to doing so much, but I guess it's good that I'm getting out and I'm not stuck in as much anymore.

I still get tired easily, by the way! I am sleeping crap too, I have to wait until I am literally nodding off before I try to. The tiredness is getting better though.

My voice has been OK, still has good and bad days. I still get funny looks when I go out and it annoys me a bit, but I guess I would do that too if I was someone else listening to me. I do wish that I could have a voice that didn't stand out but that's life and I'll get over it. I am so grateful that I still have my voice...don't get me wrong!!!!! It got frustrating when everyone was singing karaoke on Holiday and I couldn't. Oh well. Some would say that's a good thing, haha.

My hair is getting longer and longer and it looks stupid...but I'm trying to get it as long as possible (Without it looking too ridiculous!) before I get it cut.

OK. I have gone on enough. I guess I will update soon. Maybe after my next appointment in November, maybe before.

Leave me lots of comments. I'm not getting as many as I used to. Am I boring?