Friday, 11 July 2008

27 ~ The one where Hayley was 3 months post treatment

The first picture I have posted with no bandana on!! My hair is starting to get curls at the back now and it's still really dark.
Yesterday was my first day of not wearing a bandana all day - I haven't worn it today either. I feel naked without one on! lol. But I just look stupid with a bandana on now because you can blatantly see I have hair. My sideburns are nearly long enough to tuck behind my ears, yay!

So yes, today marks 3 months since I finished treatment. I didn't even realise it's been so long until I looked at the date last night. I was shocked! It's weird...because it feels like I only finished about a month ago - but then at the same time it feels forever ago. Very strange!

I had a blood test last Friday to check my thyroid, I haven't heard anything back from Mr Pace so I'm guessing he either hasn't got the results back yet or there's nothing wrong.
I also haven't heard anything about my scan, so I reckon it will be in August now instead of this month.

Yesterday I had speech therapy, it went really really well. My speech therapist is really impressed with me and she said that because my vocal chords have had so much trauma she didn't think that my voice would be as good as it is now! (Did that make sense?) - I had to (try to) sing Nursery rhymes yesterday. I was so embarassed lol. But, I did it and I was glad that she was doing it too and not just asking me to do it on my own! I didn't really sing them properly, but I said them and had to (try to) go high and low in the parts that needed to be. She also had me doing some other weird stuff lol.
She said that Mr Pace said my vocal chords are smooth and he can't see any bumps. She also said he told her that my my left vocal chord is moving more than what it was last here's to hoping at some point my vocal chords will close together completely like they're supposed to!
I have a task to do this week, well three really. I have to phone my speech therapist 3 times until I next see her and leave her a message. It's a confidence building thing! Lol. I did it last night and it wasn't so bad, I don't mind leaving answerphone messages...or talking to people I know. I just don't like talking to people who I don't know and then they ask why I've got a weird voice or whatever. I just can't be arsed explaining the whole story and if I say "Oh, I had throat cancer" then they are probably going to feel bad for asking me!

We talked about the sore throats I get in the morning and also, when I wake up it feels like I have a block of mucas (yuck) at the back of my throat. It makes me want to gag if I eat or drink too soon after waking up. She said that it's normal and it will probably happen for the rest of my life lol. It doesn't bother me though. I can't remember what else we talked about...hmm. Oh, I have to keep my neck moving because it can become stiff (especially when I'm older) - I think that was it!

I also have to sing Nursery Rhymes to keep my voice going lol. And just talk a lot (which I do anyway!!) - Luckily, I babysit on Monday's so I can sing Nursery Rhymes with the little boy, he wont think I'm weird.
My next check up is on the 23rd July with Mr Pace to look down my'll actually only be 3 weeks after my last one but I am away when the 4 weeks would be up. But it kind of evens it out because last time I went 5 weeks between appointments if that makes sense.
After my check up, my speech therpist just said to go up to the therapy department and see her. She said she'd like to come down and look at my vocal chords and I'm not bothered...she can have a look lol. But, she said she'd do it another time instead.

I am having my first haircut on Monday! Well, actually...hopefully nothing will be cut! But I am going to Trevor Sorbie's salon in Covent Garden and he is going to give me some tips and stuff on what to do with short hair as I have NO idea. As the last time I had short hair was when I was about 18 months old lol.

It's also my Birthday on Monday. I will be 19! I'm not really doing anything for it...just going up to London to get my hair done. I would get drunk but I'm a bit funny about drinking alcohol now because I know it can cause throat cancer too lol. I will drink sometimes, but not how a 'normal' 18/19 year old would! Haha. Who says you have to drink alcohol to have fun anyway? (Well, it does make things a bit more fun!!)

I will probably update on Monday just to say Happy Birthday to myself, lol.


  1. The short hair really suits you!!

    The mucous at the back of the throat is awful, I get that too! I hope you have a brilliant birthday - Trevor Sorbie - WOW - Sarah was dead jealous!!

    Have a great weekend

  2. You look gorgeous and your hair is growing back so lovely - and like Nigel says, I think short hair suits you too.

    Everything is coming along just wonderful and your voice is changing everyday - you can always practice singing your nursary rhymes to me ;)

    Whatever happens on your birthday on Monday will be special Hayley - (and everyday) because having you in our lives makes it that way.

    Love you loads


  3. you look gorgeous....I wish you could call me..I would love to hear your voice...and accent....LOL

  4. I just started reading your blog a bit ago and although I cant remember just where I found your blog, You are an inspiration. I had to laugh when i read about the "hair cut" because I just did the same thing yesterday. the only bad part is that it is going to fall out again so it really didnt matter. lol. Anyways...Happy Early Birthday!

  5. Go Girl!!!
    You look great - you will have celebrated your birthday now so hope it was a good one.

  6. What an inspirational lady you are hun - have a fantastic birthdya on monday