Monday, 17 March 2008

17 ~ The one where Hayley had a lot of thanks to give

Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith. ~Author Unknown

Firstly, I'll just do an update about me and then I'll talk about what I came here to talk about (the charity day).

Things are going okay, nearly half way through treatment now. Can't believe how fast it's flying by!! I'm feeling okay...I'm not talking about it too much because I'm convinced I'm going to jinx myself.

I've put on Look how fat my face is!! I'm just enjoying eating waaaay too much to care at the moment, haha. Also, I'm on steroids 3 out of 7 days a week and I have a lot of fluids pumped in to me when I have let's all pretend that's the real reason why I'm putting on weight and not because I'm a pig.

PEG is infected again. Grr. It was infected before, I took antibiotics and within a day of stopping them it started to look infected again so I'm on more now. Fingers crossed it'll clear up this time!!
Hair's growing. Slowly but surely!! I didn't think that my eyebrows were affected by the chemo but they've gone quite weird (you have to look close to see what I mean) - it's as though they thinned out and are growing back and...maybe I'll take a picture and show you on my next post. But I haven't had to pluck them since December and I think I'm going to have to soon. I haven't really missed it lol
I would show you a picture of me without a bandana on but I think I look horrible withour hair so you'll have to wait lol. If you really want to see, get a picture of me and open it in microsoft paint or something and erase the hair...I didn't think it would look anything like me but I did it before I lost my hair and sure enough...that's exactly what I look like now!! Lol.

I have a CT scan tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

On Saturday it was the Charity all went REALLY well. I had a brilliant time, I'm knackered now though!! I didn't actually do much when it came to the planning...infact, I didn't do much of anything but sit there, watch (and eat lol) so all thanks has to go to my Mum, Pete, Terry...erm...everyone else lol....I think if I listed everyone's names here this post would end up 10000 pages long.
THANK YOU to every single person who donated money, gave us auction/raffle prizes and came to the day/night...even though I don't show it often I am really grateful.
I haven't individually named people to thank because I don't want to upset someone and leave them out but you all know who you are.
Without all of those people it wouldn't have been possible to raise so much money. On the night alone we raised about £3000 and we still have ticket money and sponsership money to come!! Amazing, isn't it?
There's more information on the website about the day if you're interested!

I have all of the pictures on my facebook account if you want to see them. Just click this link:
I think that I'm going to leave this here, this could possibly be the shortest blog I've ever posted! I don't know when I'll update again as I'm pretty rubbish at doing it regularly. I might do it once I get the CT scan results, I don't know when that will be. Possibly Wednesday? I don't know.

Thanks again for all your lovely comments and emails, I say it all the time but I really do love them. They make me smile! Keep leaving me more and I'll love you forever (or email


  1. Hi Hayley,

    It's Json. Sorry about the long rambling email.

    Loads and loads and loads of good luck in the `c t tomorrow. Please let me know how it goes, I am so glad it well well on Saturday.


  2. Hi Hayley,

    Hope the email re what I am doing re money got through...some seem to and others come boucing back !

    Sorry about the PEG is such a pain literally and I hope the antibiotics strat to kill off all those bugs asap. Will say every time my PEG gets infected I cannot believe how horrid it feels...take care and here and there at peggypeg and email if you need and want to chat!

    Take care and hope scan and everything goes ok as ever.....thinking of you

    Peggy Peg as I am really starting to be known as..need to do something about that maybe! LOL!

  3. Hey Hayley:

    Good luck with the Scan. I know you are going to be 100% healthy again!

    I have the same pumpkin face; when I'm on steroids after my chemo Im STARVIN LIKE MARVIN!!! I call myself goat girl cause I'll eat non stop. Still, better to look chubby and healthy rather than thin and sickly.

    I think you are just lovely *S*

  4. Hey Hay,
    So pleased the day went so well and you raised so much, what a huge hit! That is amazing, you and your mum and Pete and your step dad must be so proud.

    Please don't come to Broomfield and hand your money over until I have got mine ready! I had hoped to have it ready by Saturday but a few peeps are playing hard to get, but I am sure to have all my sponsorship money, or all that I am going to get anyway, by the end of this month. Also, I don't know if I ever mentioned this but a friend of Carolines from work called Shane, who is 18 and goes to Chelmer high, which is next to the hospital was inspired by us to shave his head for you/chemo suite too, he shaved it on Monday and has raised about £300 from his family and friends, so hopefully with his and my totals combined, we will be able to add another £1000 to your grand total! Excellent stuff!

    Sending you BIG love as always
    x x x x x x x xx

  5. Hi Hay!

    Dont be too shocked that im leaving you a blog comment so quickly after you wrote it ha ha ha!

    How are you doing? Good luck with the CT Scan today, give me a call or a text when you are on your way back to let me know how it went! I really hope you get the results on Wednesday, that would be really great eh!

    Im sure the results will show you have kicked Cancers ugly butt even more! Not long now til you have well and truly kicked its arse completely!

    It was such a good day on Saturday it was great to see so many people there supporting our cause! I cant believe the day went without a hitch! (Apart from me losing the Blue Tac Ha Ha)

    If anyone who came, took part, donated or helped is reading this i would also like to say THANKYOU so much for your help, without kind poeple like you the day would not have been a sucess! God bless you all!

    It was such a shame that none of the chemotherapy nurses were able to make it but hey ho i guess they were too busy!

    I think i may be rambling (am i?) anyway i dont care i like rambling, its what i do best!

    Anyway Hay i just wanted to say hope all goes well today, i love you very much and im sending you lots of kisses, cuddles, love and positivity you way!

    Keep eating snd smiling! LMAO

    Love Ya


  6. Bloody hell Hayley! You really are kicking cancer's arse right into touch! Keep kicking girl! LOL

    Glad the fundraising went so well for you too.

    Putting on a couple of pounds is the least of your worries. Just eat loads of chocolate, enjoy it and get better! That's what's important. Have you seen how awful these size 0 models look? YEUCH!

  7. Hi Hayley!

    Time is passing quickly, soon you'll be through all this!

    Great to hear from Dr Tahir yesterday that the tumour has shrunk even more. Nan and I heard him use the word 'tiny'!!!!

    Brilliant that all your treatment is going to plan as well- and that you are coping with it too!

    You're just fantastic.

    ..and Wonderful.

    AND, I love you very much


    Thank you for visiting my blog, how did you find it????

    I must confess I have seen yours before as I saw you post on the Macmillan forum. I love your positive attitude, and your comments today couldn't have come at a better time! I'm on a real downer today, my throat and mouth are one big ulcer at the moment and eating is impossible, drinking is getting that way too. On top of all that I contracted a cold last week which still hasn't gone and so I'm having trouble breathing sometimes....

    But, I too am extremely positive about kicking this cancers arse! I watched Rocky 4 this afternoon (the one with the Russians!) and I came over all emotional at the end when Rocky kicked his arse and the usual music plays. I'm going to play that music all the way home after my last radiotherapy session in 4 weeks time!!

    I'm intrigued that you appear to still be eating (like a pig!!). I was looking forward to that bit!! The cold hasn't helped and I've lost 10kg in the first 3 weeks.

    Have you tried Fortisips yet? I have, and I've told everyone that will listen how appropriate the name is, as the only way to drink one is with 40 sips!!

    I won't bore you any further other than to say thanks for getting in touch, please keep in touch (I will), and bloody GOOD LUCK!!!

    All the best

    Nigel xx

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