Friday, 7 March 2008

16 ~ The one where Hayley was nearly a third of the way there!!

"The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

There's the t-shirt I was speaking about months ago! I recieved it in the post in December and keep forgetting to actually wear it and take a picture to show you all. So there you go!

Things are going well, 10 treatments down. 25 to go. The past 10 treatments have flown by, everytime I go for treatment it seems to quicker than the day before. Also, I feel more calm as the days go by too.

I'm feeling alright, a bit tired but I've had a busy week. My friends from Manchester came down and stayed from Monday until Thursday. I really miss them and can't wait to be better so I can go up and see them.

My throat feels okay still, I'm still convinced I'm going to jinx myself so I wont chat on about it too much. It feels different, only when I sneeze or yawn though. It doesn't hurt...just feels odd. It's really hard to explain. No noticeable marks on my skin either yet. I've been using cream on my neck twice a day so hopefully it wont get too sore.
I had chemotherapy on Wednesday, it went fine. I felt a little bit sick but it still didn't stop me eating my ice cream, haha. It really knackered me out and on Wednesday night I was a right grump. Thanks Leah and Jess (and Mum) for putting up with me!
My PEG turned out to be infected so I've been on antiobiotics. I stop them tomorrow and it seems to be clearing up well. It doesn't really hurt anymore and half the time I forget it's even there. You can't really see it through my clothes, but that doesn't bother me anyway.

I think I have a CT scan soon. Possibly the 17th. I have the date on a piece of paper in my bag but I'm too lazy to get up and get it lol. It's just to check the progress I guess and also if it's shrunk (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) then they might need to make changes to the mask and the positioning of the lasers or whatever.

In December a few of my friends arranged for me, my Mum and youngest Brother, Ryan to have a photoshoot. I had it on the day of getting my PICC line (can't remember the exact date) and the other day I got the pictures through. I really love them and it's hard to believe I once had so much hair. Cheryl (the photographer) did an amazing job, if you'd like to take a look at her work, please go to - I'll just post two or three pictures on this blog. If you'd like to see them all you can go to my facebook (search for Hayley Dyer) and they're all on there.

Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Lastly, this week I heard some news that a family friend, Jason, has been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus (not sure if I spelt that right?) - I was really shocked to hear the news. Even though I have cancer I still never thought someone I knew would ever get it. Jason is brilliant and he's going to kick cancers arse just like me!! He has also set up a blog and I'd like it if you could all go over there and say hi to him, his blog is - thank you.
Also, Jason's friends Dad, Bill Dennis, has got lung cancer and he is responding well to treatment. So, let's all send him some more positive tumour shrinking vibes!!

I'll leave this post here, leave me lots of comments. I really, really, really, really, really do love reading them. If you don't feel comfortable leaving them on here (because other people can read them. etc) then you can always email me at - Val, I asked you on my last blog to email me but stupidly left the wrong email address lol. So, if you are reading this then please email at the above address. It's the right one this time!!

Anyway, night night.



  1. I was wondering when we'd get to see a pic of the famous t-shirt lol x

  2. Hi Hayley,

    I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well so many days into your treatment :) The photos are terrific, you're all beautiful! take care and keep kicking, I'll be thinking of you when I start my treatment on Monday and do some kicking myself :)

  3. Hi Hayley,

    Jason here. Tried to post something earlier and it wasn't having any of it so I emailed you instead.

    Just wanted to say I am glad you got to see your mates and have ice cream. You inspire me. Keep fighting.


  4. Hiya babe
    sorry not bin on for a bit but just bin readin up on ya blog....
    im so glad that ya treatment is goin so well and your not feelin to bad....will be thinkin about you next week (15th)
    hope the weather is good to you and dont forget to send me the bank details or just send me your address details and i can sort somthin out for ya
    i will give you a text next sat to see how things are going
    take care and good luck to every one takin part...
    lots of love
    xx Wayne Dyer xx

  5. Hello my sweetpea daughterkins,

    ...well, here it is...the comment you've been waiting for LOL

    I hope you do prove everyone wrong, and don't have any probs with your throat far, so good huh?

    Keep kicking daughter and i'll keep on walking - right beside you...

    Love you with all my heart,

    x o x o x

  6. Hi Hayley! See support through the storm on peggypeg ! There is a message for you there..and I mean it!

    glad things are ok

    I did email you but it came back!!

    C x

  7. whoops sorry I am not signed in..didn't mean to be know where I am!

  8. Wooo, I saw that when I was there lol.
    I love you, even when you are a grumpy miserable bitch (about 99% of the time lmao).
    No really, I can't wait till you are all better and you can come here and we can go out and stuff.
    I miss you

  9. Hi Hay

    Really pleased the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy is going well! No side effects either YIPPPPEEEEE!

    Great to see you yesterday Hay! I loved the T-Shirt its fab!

    Cant believe its only a few days til i get my head shaved LOl - Ive been a number 1 before but never completely bald LOL Wonder what im gonna look like in my Army bandana LMAO

    Sorry again that its taken me ages to leave you a comment, i do read your blog every time you update, but im crap at leaving comments LOL

    It was a right shame i couldnt come to yours last week to see Leah & Mosh but hey ho perhaps we can have another trip up to Manchester when your treatment is over! How about it? I dont think we saw enough of Canal Street and i really want to see our chinese lady again LOL. (and i want one of them multi coloured flashing dummies LOL)

    Anyway i best go do some more of the charity stuff otherwise it wont be ready for Saturday!

    Take care Hay

    Love you Lots

    Uncle Pete XXXXXXXX

  10. hey hay. the pics came out really well and i love the t shirt. sucks about Jason...
    Hope your okay groucho!! x

  11. Hello you!
    I had a wicked time last weekend, thank you so much Hayls! I think you look gorgeous and I didn't even notice your peg, only when you threatened to flash LOL!
    Hope your charity day goes REALLY well! You're doing it for everyone, not just for you, for Jason, everyone on your chemo ward, them all :) You rock girl!
    Loadsa love,
    Jacz xxx

  12. Hi Brave girlie,Have tried to send you emails on the address you left,but they keep coming back like an old boomerang and me!!.So happy that your copping with the rads so far,I will keep trying to get my messages to you,if there is another way please let me kmow.Another week nearer to the end of treatment keep using the cream,I Know what you mean about the yawning and sneezing weird isnt it.Leave me messages on the blog if you want me,untill we can sort out the emails.Keep kicking that arse,and fingers crossed this bloody weather holds off for saterday,your charity day.


  13. Hi Hayley,

    It's Jason. Glad to hear the charity do is full up. I have been trying to sell tickets but it is great that you are having to turn people away. Also, really glad that all the treatment is going well, I just know it will keep going well and keep going well and get the idea. Please visit my blog and listen to all the positive music I have tried to put on for everyone. For goodness sake do not actually read the blog - I don't alf go on - but the music/videos I have chosen are to try and cheer people up etc. Anyway, see you Saturday, keep kicking, cancer that is, not random people, that will make you unpopular. (I'm not funny am I? It's taken years to actually accept that I'm not).


  14. Lovely photos Hayley and your hair was lovely, but it'll be fun to see what it grows back like.

    I'm glad you're getting on ok with the radiotherapy, fingers crossed it continues that way and your scan shows shrinkage!!

    Take care

    Kaz x

  15. Hi Hayley Sweets, You are looking so very pretty in your photos, and your shirt is simply awesome.:).I am so very glad that your treatment is going good, God willing soon you will be over it, and I really admire what you and your family is doing for everyone suffering from cancer, its such a great thing, wish we were able to attend :(
    you have all my warmest wishes, I have no doubt that the event is going to be a roaring success.
    you are always in our prayers..
    take good care.
    love ammarah.

  16. Hi Haley,
    My name is Margy and I have just read your whole blog! took abit of time especially as I am supposed to be working hahaha
    Love the T-Shirt! Your a tough cookie and thats fab as that is what will get you through this! kicking arse gets things done!!!
    Goodluck with the rest of your treatment and hope it goes fast for you!
    Love and hugs to youxxx
    and your mum and familyxxx

  17. Hey,

    Jason again. Pleaseask to people to visit my bolog if they are down - not to read it. Goodness no - but I have a video bar at the top called 'More Sunshine Music' and it has four versions of a song. The top one and the bottom one are amazing. Very life affirming and positive and good for the dark days. My blog is like your to keep family and friends informed but also as a place to be if you feel down (hence the happy music). It's more a diary to myself really and is very boring unless you're me. But if people please just visit it once and look at that video bar and it makes them feel positive for a portion of their day then job done. I justwant people to feel like I do when I watch it - it helps - even if they don't like the style of music the message is so optimistic and has so much respect for the human being.

    So there.

    See you Saturday. We will bring some food and stuff so save a space on the table - God knows I ate enough of what was on the table at your 18th.

    Love to you and pete and your mum and terry.

    Keep being my hero.



  18. Hey Hayley
    Your blog is a real inspiration (which I am sure you are fed up hearing!) I work with a friend of yours, Jay, an English teacher. He is going to your party on Saturday...he speaks very highly of you..I think he wishes he was as tough as you...and I should know, because I rate him as one of the toughest people I know...stay in touch...I am constantly writing rubbish on his blog 'Kicking Cancer's Arse' (Inspired by YOUR blog)

  19. Hi Hayley,

    Wishing you all luck for Saturday. See you there.


  20. Sean

    That's the name of her blog. Mine is Beating the (naughty word) Out of Cancer :Inspired by Kicking cancer's Arse' - you silly boy. Hey, thanks for saying I was tought though.


  21. Hey Hayley

    It,s Jay's wife Ange here. I just want you to know that I'm keeping up with your blog too - and I think you are amazing. Love your Tee shirt - made me giggle - and you look fabulous in it too!!

    Thanks also for all the positivity you've been sending out to Jay - you're his hero!! it's really helped him.

    Can't wait to meet you on Sat.

    much love

    Ange x

  22. Hi Hayley!

    Your Mum left me a message last night and yes indeed today is your big day! Not too sure if you will see this before as I expect you will be very busy and excited!
    Hope you have a fantastic day! Wish I could have been there (a) bit too far and (b) this post op recovery is so so slow!
    Will be thinking of you all and hope you all have a great time!
    Take care and speak soon! PeggyPeg!!

  23. Heylo Hayley,

    You have no idea who i am - but that's cool.
    I have been reading about your do today on t'interweb and just wanted to wish you luck - im sure it will be FABULOUS.

    What you're doing is FABULOUS.

    I quite like the word fabulous.

    Have a lovely day, full of purple positivity {because i also like purple}, Ani. x {{one of jasons more geeky students}}

  24. hello my darling,
    you look absolutely beautiful.
    Matt and Cole are here and say hi and they think you are one tough girl! Uncle Alonzo is so proud of you.
    I am so proud of you and pray for you everyday.
    I love you very much. Did you get my package?

  25. you are so amazing!!!!! I am so glad you let me read here!!!