Sunday, 27 January 2008

11 ~ The one where Hayley found a lump (but it was nothing to worry about!!)

Some see a hopeless end, while others see an endless hope. ~ Author Unknown


It's been ages since I updated...I know I'm rubbish at it. But, I only really update when something has happened or I've had an appointment or something. Which I did this week but I'm just too lazy lol.

So, last Saturday I woke up and my left armpit was really sore and tender...I checked it for lumps and couldn't find anything. The pain went away gradually throughout the day so I thought nothing of it. Sunday I was in the shower and my armpit hurt me again so I felt it and then I felt a lump, a bit bigger than a pea. So, on Monday we went to the Hospital and the chemo nurses checked the lump and then I went to see the Dr. He said that it wasn't a lympth node (which was what I was worried about) and that he'd send me off for an ultrasound that week at some point. He said it could be a blood clot so I was given an injection to thin my blood and then was given 6 more to do myself at home - I was a bit worried about doing it myself at first, just in case I did it wrong lol. But it's been fine, it doesn't really hurt - just stings when it goes in and then afterwards for a while. You should see my bruises, they're huge! I was also given some antibiotics in case I had an infection (my PICC line had been hurting me again.)

I think it was Thursday (might of been Wednesday) that I went for the ultrasound. It took ages and the whole time the man just had this blank expression on his face so I was just thinking 'Oh God, what's he found?" Lol. In the end he said "Everything's fine" and the lump has gone!! Wohoo!! They think it was just swelling but it's gone now. Was very relieved to hear that news.

I keep getting hot flushes (they started on Wednesday), which is weird because I usually get them when I'm on steroids and I only started them today! I thought I would have a temperature when I get them but so far I haven't...strange!!
I went to the Spice Girls AGAIN last Tuesday (how lucky am I??) - the o2 arena phoned and said they wern't happy with how they treated us before we went last time. We explained that we'd already been but they still gave us 4 free VIP tickets. I took my friend David, Pete and my cousin, Hollie. I had a great time!! It seemed better than the first time but I think that was because I wasn't feeling so crappy and I could get up and dance a little bit!!

I start chemotherapy again's the long day about. I think we have to be there at 9:15am and we usually get home after 7pm!! I don't mind though cos everyone there is so nice and the day usually goes pretty fast. The only times I don't like going in is on Wednesday and Friday because I usually feel really ill and can't be bothered moving but I have to lol. It's going to be weird not going to the chemo unit anymore after this week because I've been there about 4523532626 times since mid December...I'll quickly say hi to Leah here cos I know she's read my blog!!

Have my PEG fitted on the 25th February...I'm a bit scared about it but I know I'll be alright. It's just weird knowing something will be coming out of my stomach lol.
Still dreading radiotherapy, like REALLY dreading it but I'm ready for it.

I'll be in the Essex Chronicle again nthis week coming up, also I was in the Echo last week and will be in the yellow advertiser this week lol. And, everybody (who lives in Essex) listen to Essex FM (102.6) cos yesterday me, Mum and Pete went and were interviewed. Well, I wasn't because I don't think they'd be able to hear me but on the news part there'll be a little section about my blog and having cancer so young.
So much for having a week off this week, lol. I think we've done something (Hospital appointment, photos taken. etc) every single day. Never's better than doing nothing I suppose!

Okay, I don't know when I'll update next. Probably not next week because of chemo but last time I was feeling a lot better by the Sunday so maybe I'll update then. Who knows!!

Thanks again for all your lovely comments, I really do love reading them. Every time I get an email saying I've recieved one I get excited, haha.


P.S - Almost bald now, doesn't bother me too much anymore. I do really miss my hair though!

P.P.S - I swear I had something else to say, but I've forgotten.


  1. Bless ya Hay, good luck for tomorrow! Am sure it will all be cool.

    Don't forget next time I see you I need your autograph, could be worth something soon!

    Love hugs and kisses

    A. Dave

  2. hot flushes on steriods...been there done that-NORMAL. I found them worse if I was sat in front of a laptop screen/waking up in the morning. Bloody annoying but they do go :)

    Good luck with the chemo hun

    Lucia xxx

  3. Hello Hayley Bayley!
    Yep, me again, about to leave you as essay comment again no doubt! Can't believe you got to see the Spicies twice..Soooo jealous :p but hey, you deserve it, and it was sweet of the o2 :)
    If only I lived a bit further north I could hear the interview and everything! It's soo cool, you're famous!! Hehe. You're doing so much good raising the profile of cancer even further...think how many other people it benefits. It's such a journey for you and I am utterly astounded at how great you're being and how positive you're staying :o)
    Ok enough of the mushy stuff lol you know by now how proud I am and how much I love you Hayley Bayley! Loving the bandana btw, you really suit them! Honestly you do! Hehe. Hopefully when I meet you (we gotta sort something out next time you have a gap in your treatment!) I can persuade you to wear your Spice Girls one, or at least bring it for me to see lol. I'll wear my t-shirt!! Hehe.
    Well I need to go and shut the sodding washing machine beeps til you open it, what a little buggar lol. Good luck this week and lots and lots of love...another letter will be written very soon!

  4. Hayley, glad to hear all is well, and that the lump was nothing! You are so strong, keep fightin' girl! I love your bandana! The Spice Girls AGAIN???!!! Awesome! :)

    If it helps, my Dad just had a PEG tube put in on Friday, and he is okay. Feel free to email me and we can chat about it. Ok? I even have a picture...

  5. Hayley hun - ahem - I'm new to this new-fangled young persons blogging mularky so you might get something along these lines twice!

    Hey future daughter-in-law (lol so now you realise that I am a numpty and if you get zillions of posts that's the reason why!). So, didn't realise that my son would be marrying a global superstar - fabulous but does this mean that I have to buy a real posh frock and hat for the wedding now and just sip a sherry quietly in the corner instead of getting bladdered and hogging the karaoke in case I get papped (mother-in-law of Hayley - karaoke rage! I can just see the headlines in the sun!)

    Anyway I am thinking that we need to do rethinks on my granddaughter's name - I mean Poppy is so rock-and-roll but Irene?!?!? just not fitting now that we are all celebs.

    Anyway hunnybunny - so glad that no real problemo with the sore armpit. You are a top girl and I love ya loads (and will do even if you do get a gaffro lol)

    Julie xxx

  6. Hi Hayley,

    Thank you for reading my Big C blog and leaving your kind comments. Sorry for taking so long to reply to you but I rarely check or update my blog now. Had (hopefully) final PET scan on Thursday so just waiting to get results back.

    Your blog is also brilliant. Keep on keeping on. I know it's a bitch losing your hair and having a PICC line...but you look fantastic...and it's amazing how quickly the hair grows back...had forgotten what a pain it is to shave my legs so much!

    Will keep reading your Blog and hope that your road to recovery is as easy as it possibly can be.

    Love Beanie x x

  7. Hey Hay!
    It was lovely to see you and your mum and meet Pete today and chat for a little longer than I had. Seriously, you guys have become my heros, I felt like I was sat with movie stars or musicians, felt I was in the company of greatness!
    Hope you didn't get home to late and hope your week goes nicely for you. Seriously if you ever get bored at home and just want a change of scene, you should come over and spend a few hours with Caroline and my two cherubs, Alannah and Leonie, and our dog Rocky..and cat Tilly....and gorgeous lil dwarf hamster Wallace! We bathed Rocky tonight, after we blow dry him and brush him, he looks like a sheep!Bless him!
    Will send your your two movies asap so you can enjoy them as soon as you want.
    Take care Buddy
    All the best with future paper interviews and photos and the lark!

    BIG love


  8. hi at last i have left you a message!! you really are an amazing woman. It is so lovely to see that you have made contact with other people that have gone through chemo like you and are able to share their experiences. we will miss you in yhe chemo unit but like us i know the radiotherapy team at colchester will love taking care of you and your family. I notice you are also on a site called bebo or so my hubby says, love the pics.This message is turning into an essay i should have wrote sooner!
    Am going to be off now as need to get some beauty sleep lol before work tommorrow, see you then...

    leah xxx

  9. Just a note to say I do read these blogs but I tend to comment them on bloop first so dunno wot to say lol xx

  10. Glad the lump turned out to be nothing Hayley!

    Get you - VIP tickets. Ring and say you weren't happy and want a back stage pass this time! LOL

    Hope all goes well with your Chemo.

    Take care


  11. I love you. I can't believe you've got another friend called Leah. Shocking!
    Ummm, I don't know what to say lol. I just love you and that's it really

  12. THERE'S A LOT OF PAIN, but a lot more healing
    There’s a lot of trouble but a lot more peace
    There’s a lot of hate but a lot more loving
    There’s a lot of sin but a lot more grace

    Oh outrageous grace oh outrageous grace
    Love unfurled by heaven’s hand
    Oh outrageous grace oh outrageous grace
    Through my Jesus I can stand

    There’s a lot of fear but a lot more freedom
    There’s a lot of darkness but a lot more light
    There’s a lot of cloud but a lot more vision
    There’s a lot of perishing but a lot more life

    There’s an enemy
    That seeks to kill what it can’t control
    It twists and turns
    Making mountains out of molehills
    But I will call on my Lord
    Who is worthy of praise
    I run to Him and I am saved

    Great words from Geoffrey Birtills outrageous song "Theres a lot of pain" also called outrageous love, you can hear it on You Tube, braveheart

  13. Hey Hayley sweets, hope you are feeling okay during this session, well you have come a long way and done really really well, we are so very proud of you, ThankGod that lump was nothing to worry about, but its a good thing that you checked it in time. I am very happy that you got to attend the spice girls again, coz i know how much u like them, :)
    U know you have all my prayers and best wishes, God Willing you are going to beat this real soon. your dad is saying that he loves you very much and is very proud of you.
    take good care and rest well.

  14. yo dudette! sorry i havent seen u much or wrote much. been at work allll the time. and have just been doing loadsa crappy stuff. very rarely online too. bleugh!! whooo spice girls. i must admit u sound like u dnt give a shit ne mroe in this entry its funny :D i love it. ur a legend. take a pic of ur stomach its well bad x