Monday, 31 December 2007

8 ~ The one where Hayley missed Christmas!!

In time of test, family is best. ~Burmese Proverb

Hello everybody,

Sorry I haven't updated for so long! Two weeks ago I think it was?

Anyway - I was admitted to the Hospital on Christmas Day (of all days!!) with a high temperature, upset stomach and dehydration. I had been feeling rubbish since the 19th December but it seems I had all the side effects of the chemotherapy, lol. I was pretty much sleeping all day, every day. Didn't watch TV or go on the internet for over a week, I couldn't even eat cos I felt so crap.
On Christmas Day I thought I was feeling better and thought I'd make the effort to go downstairs and open a few presents, I went to get out of bed and threw up, haha. Mum checked my temperature and it was really high so she phoned Lisa and then she said to take me to the Hospital. I thought I'd be in there 2 nights tops, not 6!! Lol.

Got to the Hospital and was sent off for a chest x ray to see if I had an infection, took loads of blood - worked out my PICC line is only working when putting something in so they couldn't get blood OUT which was annoying. I stayed in this little room for a few hours and I started feeling better once they started pumping fluids in to me. After a while I got taken up to the ward, B10 - I WENT IN A LIFT!!!!! I was soooo scared, I hate lifts by the way. I got stuck in one in September 2005 and it was the worst thing - but there was no way I could of walked lol.

I got my own side room in the ward, I felt so special and I was SO glad. I felt really lazy when they came in to my room to clean it though, I was just laying in bed and wanted to ask if they wanted any help lol. I still had an upset stomach the whole time and I still have but it's 90% better than it was - I haven't had any sickness since. I do feel SO much better. If I didn't get out of breath I could probably go for a run right now, lol. I am glad to be home...although being in the Hospital wasn't so bad. Everybody there was LOVELY. And really funny - they all know how to make me laugh. Only thing I hated was when they ask if I want breakfast at stupid o'clock. I think it's just cos I'm lazy though lol.

Dr Tahir is going to reduce my dosage of 5FU by 25% - which I am very glad about cos I don't want to be so ill again. It should still work the same...I have to go for a CT scan at some point to check if the tumour has shrunk (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease), I was going to have an MRI but I asked if I could have a CT instead and he said yes. Wohoo! I really like Dr Tahir, he's so friendly. Every single person I've seen has been nice which makes me feel a lot better.

I start my next cycle on the 7th January, joy!! I have a week break and I'm planning on having some fun. Really I'd like to go shopping BUT I haven't walked for nearly 2 weeks so my legs feel like jelly every time I stand up haha. I'll have to start doing exercises or something!!

I'm sure there was more I wanted to say...oh yeah. My hair started falling out last night :( I haven't cried about it, there's no point. I'm just pissed off about it lol. I'm hoping and praying and keeping everything possible crossed that it will just thin out. My hair is really thick anyway and A LOT of hair came out last night and this morning but I can't see any bald patches. I dread brushing my hair. I'm dreading washing it even more. I still haven't arranged anything about a wig...maybe I should do that soon. I did order a bandana though but I bet you that it wont fit because I have such a big head.

I also ordered a t-shirt that says "Cancer, you picked the wrong bitch" hahaha. I can't wait to wear it to one of my chemo sessions.

When I got home from the Hospital this morning the cap on my PICC Line fell off. I swear I'm jinxed lol. A nurse should be coming over later to put a new one on cos I don't want any infections getting in there, no more problems thankyouverymuch!!

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and has a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

P.S ---> That's me and my dog snuggled up a minute ago. She looks so weird in it, well. So do I. Haha.


  1. I've been thinking about you!
    thats so crap about your hair :(:(
    i'm glad you're feeling a bit better though, i've been checking this blog every day near enough!!

  2. hey hayley, what can i say, i simply love your attitude, you have really inspired me, and i really really like the wordings you ordered on your shirt hehe, very nice :), hayley don't even think about hair,you are beautiful inside out. I am really glad that you have good doctors and nurses taking care of you, God willing you will be cure of this cancer.I have full faith in that.Your dad is giving you all his love.
    You have all Our prayers.
    again A very very HAppy new Year.
    May this year brings you Health and Happiness.

  3. Not sure if you remember I'm a friend of your mom's online. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you. You have a great attitude. No doubt you will be kicking Cancer to the wayside soon....Sorry you fell sick on Christmas. One way to look at it is, hopefully you get this taken care of and won't have to deal with another crummy one, it'll be a done deal. Keeping you in my prayers on the smoke! Keep fighting , I know your a Pink Warrior! Wishing you a wonderful, loving New Year all the year long. (Hugs) Indigo

  4. haha you need a photo of you in that shirt when you get it to put up on here x

  5. Oi Oi (saveloy)!

    Just a quick one to say yey that you have updated your blog! Loving the titles still!

    Glad to see you in such high spirits again after seeing you in the hospital the other day. And looking forward even more to seeing you tomorrow on New Year's Day, you know that you will be just sitting in the chair and treated like a queen right? Everyone is looking forward to it, it will be a good day!

    Not really sure what to say considering I saw you the other day and will be seeing you tomorrow, so will leave you and Bonnie be. Just one thing for your mum - I went shopping today Mandy and bought MORE hahaha! I wlil be sure to show you tomorrow ;)

    Take care and can't wait for that t-shirt to arrive! Loving it!

    See you tommorrow!

    Andy x

    PS. Saw some cool hats today in TK Maxx, if you go shopping next week, you have to get some crazy ones! Maybe I will have to take you out next weekend and hit the town as nobody else in your family likes shopping, hehe!!

  6. Hi Hayley,

    I'm sorry you have had a crappy Christmas but glad you are feeling somewhat better.

    That t-shirt sounds cool, I'm glad you ordered it. It matches your amazing positive attitude.

    I love the picture of you and your dog sooooooo cute- you look beautiful and are a beautiful, strong young woman.

    I pray that this coming year will see you well on your way to recovery.

    Wishing you much love, health and happiness for 2008.

    (((((HUGS )))))


  7. I'm so glad your home and feeling better!

  8. urgh, i just sent u a text and then though "hang on il just check online" cause i know u rarely have credit :). what a crappy christmas, but atleast the nurses were nice and atleast ur feeling better now. terrys mum works on ward B9 lol u was close. im liking that shirt haha thats cool. i cant believe ur hairs already falling out i didnt think it would this quick, shows how much i know. but like u said u have got thick hair, it may just think out. im so jelouse ur going to see spice girls lol. when is that? good luck on the 7th! will be thinking of you! maria xx

  9. hey lover ;) how are you feeling? merry christmas day. lol.. hope u have started the new year well. i have a cut face. ill explain later. glad ur home :D less of a trek to visit. :D hehe. go shopping for a wig this week. do iiit!!! thats two of ur ambitions out of the way :D oooh get the ashley one. :D:D

  10. What a bugger spending Christmas in hospital! Glad you're home again now though. Make sure you put your feet up and be spoiled.

    Love the caption on the tee shirt, remember to get a photo uploaded to your blog.


  11. Boo about your hair! But i just told you that it will grow back anyway, so it's gonna be alright EVENTUALLY!!
    Ummm, you will have to text me and tell me when it is that you're going to check if this tumour has shrunk. I'm sure that it will have done though, cos you don't take shit. Like that time when you tried to chop our arms off hahaha. You're psycho well bad.
    I forgot what else I was going to say. I might tell you again that you're brave. yeah, I will. You are brave. Haha, no seriously, you are very brave and very amazing and people keep telling you that you're an inspiration, and you really are. Everyone should try to be as positive as you are being whenever they are in a bad situation.
    Love you.
    ps when I get to see you we will go shopping

  12. Im glad your feeling better now i hope now the dose is down 25% that it wont be as bad *hugs*

    that t-shirt sounds funny cant wait to see you in it ;) i bet you will make a few people laugh on the ward with that! x

  13. Hayley Bayley!
    Hello my love...Just got back to London and functioning net and had to check in on my Hayls! Poor you missing Christmas, but that means that next year will be way way more special because everyone will have to make it double the fun for you to make up for it hehe...which I'm sure they will!
    Sorry to hear your hair is falling out...It must feel so weird, but you know what, at least hair grows back...It's not like if a side effect was your arm suddenly dropping off or something, hehe. I told you, gonna keep you positive! :o)
    Well my love I need to go and sleep but thinking of you ALWAYS and said a prayer for you at midnight yesterday :o) Lots and lots of love,
    Your fellow Spice Girls fan....

  14. Hi Hayley,

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  15. Your attitude is so strong and amazing (: And that t-shirt sounds SO cool! I hope you find a cool wig soon! Take care (: You're in my prayers! Elena Rosemary xxxx

  16. a friend of mine went out and bought crazy hats when her hair fell out....